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$12.95 Impression Kit (85% off)

Order your at-home Impression Kit. Follow the instructions to take molds of your teeth, upload a few selfies, then ship it back with a prepaid shipping label. Easy. We’ll review your impressions and send you an interactive 3D preview of your future smile!

$300 off clear aligners

Make sure to return your kit by 12/10/22 to claim $300 off All-Day or At-Night Aligners! A little late to the game? You can still claim $100 off aligners after 12/10/22. Just reach out to your Byte Advisor and they’ll get you set up with your custom aligner system.

FREE BrightByte™ Pro whitening kit

We’re all about sweetening the deal, so we’ll even include a FREE at-home whitening kit with your aligner purchase. This is the Biggest Sale Ever—isn’t it? Just 10 minutes a day for the brighter, whiter smile you’ve always wanted.

How Byte works

Take your impressions

Start by ordering an Impression Kit, which we ship straight to you. Follow the easy instructions to take molds of your teeth and upload a few selfies (the whole process only takes about 20 minutes). Then just send the kit back to us for FREE!

Preview your smile

Byte will send you an interactive 3D model that shows your new and improved smile. Nothing like looking into the future and seeing something that’s really worth smiling about! 

Order your aligners

If you like what you see, our Byte Advisors will work with you to help you order your own custom aligner system. It’s all part of making sure you feel as comfortable as possible starting on the journey to your new smile.

Exclusive sale pricing

Achieving your dream smile just got easier. For a limited time only, pick All-Day or At-Night Aligners and claim your exclusive price!


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